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DPF Diesel Services

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a small part with a big responsibility: catching soot and other large particles as the exhaust flows through it. When the filter reaches a certain soot capacity, your engine triggers regeneration, its self-cleaning process. The process requires exhaust temperatures to raise to such a point that they burn the soot off the filter. Most vehicles will reach this point when moving 40 mph or higher for around ten minutes.

However, regeneration doesn't always trigger when you need it. If you drive at low speeds or excessive idle, your engine might not trigger regeneration. If regeneration doesn't occur, the DPF will clog.

How Do I Know if My DPF is Blocked?

There are a few signs that indicate your dpf is clogged:

  • Loss of Power
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency
  • Vehicle Enters Limp Mode

If you see the DPF light turn on, it means there's a blockage on the filter. If you continue to drive, you'll risk damaging the engine and may need a forced regeneration service to correct the problem. When you see the DPF light or if your suspect there's a problem with your DPF, it's important to find a diesel repair center for a diagnostic and cleaning.

Nelson's Truck & Tire provides DPF services for Pleasanton, TX, Jourdanton, TX, Tilden, TX, and surrounding areas. We can force regeneration and replace a damaged filter with a new Call (830) 769-3169 or visit us today to schedule an appointment for your diesel particle filter.

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